About the Graduate School of Nursing

Master’s Course

(1) Fundamental Nursing

This field is the base of the whole nursing field.
Fundamental Nursing / Infection Control Nursing / Nursing Administration

(2) Nursing of Adults and Aged

This field is nursing that supports adults and their family with physical and mental health problems.
Adult Health Nursing / Oncology Nursing / Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing/ Gerontological Health Nursing

(3) Future Generation Health Support Nursing

This field supports the health of children and those who bring children up.
Maternal Health Nursing / Child Health Nursing

(4) Integrated Community Nursing

Based on community life, this field supports the health of the individual, family, groups and other patients who require home care.
Community Health Nursing / Home Care Nursing / Disaster Nursing

The following two courses are available for the goal of developing highly specialized professionals who will contribute to the field of health and welfare through education, practice and research activities that are based on practical learning.

(1) Research Capability Training (for all fields of study)

To improve the quality of nursing in actual health and welfare sites, we train students to investigate scientifically the phenomena that are dealt with in nursing.

(2) Clinical Nursing Specialist (for Infection Control Nursing, Geriatric Health Nursing, and Cancer Nursing)

This course aims at nurturing professional nurses who can scientifically consider and carry out multifaceted analysis of problems at actual health and welfare sites with an inquisitive point of view, and who possess the heightened practical ability that is necessary to effectively address those issues.

Doctoral Course

The Doctoral Course at the Graduate School of Nursing consists solely of the field of Lifetime Health Support Nursing. From the overall perspective of lifelong health support for those in need, this program provides education and research into methods of nursing support that incorporate and integrate each area and specialty of nursing.
All graduates of our Infection Control Nursing major who took the 2012 Clinical Nursing Specialist Certification Exam passed the exam.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to engage in education, research and social activities in relation to the advanced and specialized nursing required in local communities.

Educational Objectives

(1) Master’s Course

To develop nursing professionals with advanced practice abilities and who have the knowledge, skills and ability to solve the problems of each community.

(2) Doctoral Course

To develop advanced nursing practice leaders and nursing educators and researchers with highly specialized knowledge and practical skills, as well as the capabilities to conduct research by themselves.

Features of education / Graduate School of Nursing

(1) Master’s Course

1. To develop theories, strategies and skills to resolve the practical problems in the field of nursing scene.
2. To provide an educational program that includes an interaction between clinical nurses and new graduate students.
3. To instruct students in how to responsibly conduct research through a plural instruction system based on a specialized research field.
4. To support the acquisition of related qualifications (e.g. Certified Nurse Specialist).

(2) Doctoral Course

1. To study and develop nursing methodologies that aim to improve the quality of lifelong health from a holistic point of view; to grasp the characteristics of life stages, health level, type and degree of health problems, and variations in patient lifestyle and living conditions.
2. To instruct in how to responsibly conduct specialized research at the individual, small group, and large group level.

Admission Policy / Graduate School of Nursing

In the Master’s Course, we look for applicants who have the ability, motivation, and aptitude to acquire advanced research capabilities and specialized nursing skills.
In the Doctoral Course in the Graduate School of Nursing, we seek applicants who have specialized knowledge and practical ability due to actual nursing experience who now wish to become leaders in the field of nursing skills or to become teachers and/or researchers of nursing science.